Whether you remember “The Double Decker’s” on a Saturday morning in the 1970’s or Butler and Blakey “On the Buses”, “Summer Holiday” in the 60’s or more recently  “Harry Potter”…. A Big, Red “Step on Rear Staircase” Bus Is Iconic to us All – Re-live and create new memories of “That Step, and Those Stairs” at your own event.

Be that at a Scottish Castle Wedding, a Corporate Racecourse or Golf course event, an advertising photo-shoot or a charity ball, the delightful anomaly of a red vintage bus in any of these locations or situations, will ensure that your event, is the talk of the town.


The Thistle Vintage Bus Bar has three serving hatches on the near side, with the option to use a VIP hatch on the off side should your event require it.

Downstairs, is the service area for our bar. Six, chilled taps, deliver Fosters Lager, John Smiths and Strongbow cider.

Two, back bar chillers, ensure that all drinks are served cold – our travelling fridge trailer ensures that restocks are cold immediately too.

The service area is stylishly clad in stainless steel, whilst retaining the authentic feel of a vintage bus.

Up those Stairs, is both booth and single bar style seating for around 25 people, The Thistle Vintage Bus Bar has a bespoke and fabulous retractable roof – for our sunny days, an – in-house music system, and colour changing LED lighting. The top deck, as always, provides a great view – particularly at The Races or other sporting events.

Outside,   The Thistle Vintage Bus Bar, can be supplied with white paddock fencing, patio tables, chairs and matching parasols to create that special look for your event. Topiary Trees are on the step – inviting you to Get On Board.

Power,   Barney, The Thistle Vintage Bus Bar, operates via a quiet generator which ensures that he is able to function in any location.

CORPORATE   The whole exterior of the bus that can be used to promote your business during your event. We are happy to discuss any ideas that will ensure maximum impact for your business and experience for your guests.

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